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Lost Items

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okay.... i went to the deep darm and i tried to get home via the deep dark portal and when i pressed it my game crashed and when i reloaded the game i spawned inside a wall that i couldnt get out of and i died, it showed my death point directly on the portal but when i clicked edit on the way point it didnt say what depth i died. the helper (yusixs) searched from level 1 to 255 and couldnt find my grave, we also seached the real world and couldnt find a thing.


my name on minecraft is forgivenrival by the way.

​He told me to post a list of what i had on me in here to see if i can get my items back....

Things I was wearing-

dragon wings

magnet ring from botania


Things i had in my Golden bag of holding-

2 invisable wings

14 diamonds

6 quintuple cobblestone blocks

2x 64 stacks of gold blocks

18 iron ingots

around half a stack of tin, lead ingots

19 invar ingots

4x 64 stacks of glass

2 solar panels teir 1

1 solar panel teir 2

autonomous activator

16 electrum ingots

64 item ducts from ender io

2 bedrockium ingots

1 soul fragment

4 basic capacitors

I cant remember anything else, I'm sure I'm missing a few things but oh well I cant remember everything :(

​my tools I can re make easily.
Hope you can help

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