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Update of SkyWars?

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All the players of SkyWars are tried of that SkyWars is always equal! Therefore, I propose this idea.. I have created and configured a server of SkyWars. The server contains all the maps of SkyWars [Pueblo, Cabin, etc..] The only changes added are the following: 


# Limitation of Commands: Only may vote for the chests, time and climate, those users that have donated to the server [VIP, Premium, Sponsor and Sponsor+] Thus you can enjoy games without Overpowered Chest or God Jump continuously..

# New Lobby (Christmas) in which each hologram are placed.

# Two maps new installed.

# Cosmetics for users who donated by the server.

# New kits (NO Pay2Win) [Removed Kit VIP - Full Diamond Protection 4]

# New Anticheat WITHOUT bugs (Coming soon..)

# And many things that can be added if brunyman gives the go-ahead of this idea :P

# Here you have the video showing all the server configured. Enjoy!

• • • • Video: CLICK HERE • • • •


Vote for this idea!



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