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CTW is totaly broken...


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Broken things:

1. LAG

2. You can go and build whereever you want

3. hackers

4. You get kicked for fast clicking speed when you're destroying blocks

5. Server restart in the middle of the game


1. Make a command to call an admin/mod

2. Make people who kill many players in short times get kicked

3. Make players drop (when killed) only 50% of thier inventory --> less lag

4. Make items despawn after 1 minute, instead of 5 minutes --> less lag too

5. Allow server restarts only between games


I hope you do your best to make CTW better.

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Lag like walking and then teleporting back where you were 10 seconds ago, and in the map Pharao sands you can build on the side of the right wool pyramide wall and then get the enchanted item from the pyramids on your side, everyone does that on this map.

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