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help, chat prefixes


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Hi,  My name is Larkinjet, or just informally, Larkin.

I have been playing since the original Beta.  I was thrilled when I discovered “Feed The Beast” mostly because of the tech mods. (I am not so hot about curse and suspicious of Microsoft), but that's me.  I am not a big magic person and I think quarrying and flying takes the fun out of the game, but relax, I certainly do not pass judgment. I do not steel or grief. If you called me a pussy, you'd be mostly right.   
I am mostly a builder, a really good builder. I like to build infrastructure like level 10 traveling networks.and under water bases
Originally I was on DireDoge server but it died..
I came here from MYM direwolf20 server.

I need just a little help and would be glad to return any favors. ..

First, I can't figure out the text chat prefixes?
I can't talk to anyone.. Maybe someone can send me a list.

Do you have private claims or just towns?

Many thx. Lark


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