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Power Abuse, Mass Murder and Spawn Griefed


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Suspect: Zepo123

Complaint Reason: Spawning so much mobs on allies' base and killing all of us

Date and Time: 01/11/17 , 5:40 pm to 6:00 pm

Details: This started when Mystiqwalker and his friends asked for my help regarding a zombie equipping a power armor set after killing one of them. I rushed to assist and found Zepo there. After we took care of the zombie Zepo spawned 1) Ghasts 2) Zombies 3) Evolved Creeper Bosses, 4) Evolved Skeleton Bosses 5) Endermen. We all got killed except for Zepo, and lost ALOT of items. We would like to request a compensation for the items lost as well :(



More screenshots at http://imgur.com/a/XEydX. Note that I had zepo123 ignored in the chat at that time (because he was being a general dick in chat).

Eye Witnesses (and Fellow Victims):




Grumpy Cat


Report #2

Complaint: Spawn Griefed

Suspect: Unknown

Details: After dying I respawned at spawn, and noticed that it was griefed.

Screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/XEydX

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I was a victim too. IGN : MystiqWalker and is assuring whatever said above is true, Along with my real life friends , immortal, Fucker_here and Grumpy Cat.

Attached proofs of him "Asking us proof", "He not being scared of getting caught as the result is Ban for 1 day only" and "Proof of he admitting to it"

Requesting Compensation to the Damage he caused.

And remove him of his abusive powers.



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