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  1. [Complaint] (Dumblore)

    Interestingly, all your messages have proven to have lies strewn on them. Let me prove my point: 1) Trickrider2002 knows me beforehand and has even tried negotiating with GCorp in their Discord, which proves his first statement of not knowing me to be wrong. 2) HCorp is an ally, so I dont see the reason why Ohanno is mentioning that clan name. 3) It is not safe to assume that we are not well-mannered people, as we wouldn't have gathered more than almost a hundred members if our clan was nothing good to begin with. We have helped a huge amount of people in the last wipe and since this is a new wipe, we decided to have a change of pace as of course, this is just a game. 4) I am not as salty as some of the people on the server so I won't be filing any complaints and such, though I appreciate your effort when some of the corps created a clan dedicated to disowning my name, clan, and reputation. Though you have to work on keeping it together After all, GCorp is looking for a worthy rival. 5) Noticeably, Ohanno is against me and my clan. This is in fact due to me killing him. In fact, soon after the event I was monitored heavily by him and was punished for multiple "offenses" that feels more targeted to me than other people (In a way, it seems to me he's just looking for an excuse to get back at me). Also, I am not tp-killing, so your accusations are false. I look for my target and slay him, then move on to the next. It's not in my way to use cheap tactics such as that. 6) GCorp is not a hostile clan. In fact, we offer multiple services such as programming lessons, game giveaways, and general assistance to members of the clan. Do not start assuming things when it has barely been 2 weeks since we encountered each other in this wipe. The nature of the clan in-game does not directly apply to the nature of the clan outside the game. Hopefully I have proven my point. In regards with this issue, I would like to describe it with a quote: “Only the unknown frightens men. But once a man has faced the unknown, that terror becomes the known.” ― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry Cheers and enjoy!
  2. Complaint: DaedricKing

    DaedricKing and ToxicAvengers are definitely not partners though. In fact it's the opposite, so I find it hard to believe in what you're saying EnterZoneKonjo.
  3. Unprotected Land Griefing, Dumblore

    I didn't claim it, I just took a single furnace in an unclaimed chunk after killing him. XD
  4. Question about a rule

    I vouch for this, we were creating a banking program for our little shop and it got shut down due to this rule. I suggest to only shut down programs when deemed malicious and not prevent it completely.
  5. [Refund Request] Dumblore

    Account Name: Dumblore Items Lost: Redstone Energy Cell 448x Cyan Stained Clay 192x Carpenter's Slope 128x ME Cable Full Power Armor Set (No upgrades) 30x Advanced Monitor Power Fist (Fully Upgraded) Time: Around 12:34 AM GMT+8 Date: 08/28/17 Where: Spawn Reason: Fell out of the world Evidence / Witnesses: belgarufo and people online at that time No screenshots sorry
  6. Private message and Town Spawn

    The town spawn command is useful, I see no reason to remove it other than begging for more problems every time someone gets stuck teleporting on an enderium ocean world or falling out of the world due to lag.
  7. A couple of suggetions

    Number 2 is a good suggestion, lots of trolls claim a long line of chunks then set the perms so outsiders get teleport out. Number 1 needs a little more refining and added security for it to work. Genesis Corporation is building its own banking system and since you're one of its clan members, why not join the development?
  8. Trouble with some Players

    Extremely salty dude this guy was, I killed him 1) In unclaimed land 2) After a restart 3) Way after the situation has been finished 4) Right after he started a war with me. Since then he just keeps spamming chat trying to roast me, but failing miserably That picture you see there is me getting fed up with him telling me that he'll get Coasterrider1 to ban me, disrupting business transactions ingame. The guy friend joke you see there didn't originally come from me but from the numerous people who started bashing on him after getting fed up with his salty behavior that was ruining chat. Nukelar bears witness to this and HeroGer here decided to make this senseless forum post after Nukelar denied to punish me seeing that there is no reason to You should chill more HeroGer, that's all I can say.
  9. Account Name: Dumblore Town Name: Genesis_Laboratories Coordinates: X -3065 Y 6 Z 1689 Date & Time to be rollbacked: Saturday Evening 6/17/17 22:00 +8 GMT Issue: Griefed by BigBaconMan, shared alt account of Lily and PainFul___ (They have already been dealt with accordingly by the staff, so I'm not making a complaint post anymore) Screenshots:
  10. Rollback Request

  11. Idea for Clan Advertisement on Forums!

    Although I believe we're working together as of this moment :D, May the best clan thrive!
  12. Idea for Clan Advertisement on Forums!

    +1 , loved how you mentioned our clan name :D, also a discord channel for clan recruitment would be great
  13. I was talking about this one, and yes, I've developed a security system to prevent this from happening again. Thank you for the advice.