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Promotion Problem


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i bougt Premium+ on 14.02.2017 at 13:00 for Direwolf20

so heres my Problem i dont get promoted but my money is away i talked with some Supporter and they say i schould wait a day.

Its a lot of money to my so its really importand for me to get promoted and i hope you can fix this.

Sorry for my Englisch im German

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  • Founder

Hello, we found your donation of 15 euro, the payment is marked Pending eCheck , means you payed from your bank account and paypal waits for your bank to accept the payment and send the money, this may take few days and if not accepted the payment will be canceled and no money taken. When payment will be complete you will get the pearks automatically.

Check your paypal account for more information about this payment, for me it says:

"This payment is still pending. Please wait until the payment is completed." 

Payment Type:   Non-Instant

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