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Well its second time this happend when i tried to add a matter Reciver in to currently existing dimension it crashed. Last time it happend after 16 hours dimension editor turned to bedrock together with a dimlet in it.And now is the same every time i try to logg in server crashes. Need Help! IGN: Toxicpleb

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Teleported with pickaxe chat to spawn and it fixed itself. Dimension Editor turned into obsidian.... Refund is needed on :

- Dimension editor 2349

- Material draconium ore dimlet 7004:119

- Special Efficiency Dimlet  7004:153 nine of those do be precise.

- Dimensional shard 7010 four stacks of those.

- Terrain Flat Dimlet 7004:255

Not sure if chunk is bugged with dimension editor or dimension editor itself is bugged when adding Matter Reciever into a reseted dimension.

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