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Ok so what I sent to power to tell what is going on (and about the rollback thing there is this kid long story but to keep it short for u bc i know ur busy he took my me drives and made the guy he took them from my island mate and he quit bc he took everything we had so i had to start over but this kid has all my storage drives and i need them back i dont think he should just get the free stuff like this he just took them and he had nothing on his island that could even get him that stuff and i need my stuff im out a friend and all my drives i really need them back when i got to his island with staff he broke all the me drives and all my stuff fell into the void)   and I don't know what to do I have a little proof I can try to proof the stuff is mine but its hard when know a lot of staff don't even listen I need help from someone that can roleback doogie205's island and help me get my storage drives back

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and I need my three spawneres I asked bruny to move and he just broke them and did not give them to me

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You don't understand is not for my island and he took my stuff like for real even last tryed to get help and u guys would not help him so he QUIT THE SERVER y can't bruny just help me like for real it's not that hard to get me my me storage drives I need my stuff back 

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