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[Town Removal] Want a clear removal of my town for known reasons


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Account Name(you): Toxicpleb


Town name in question(case sensitive): ImWatchingYou

Town members: Toxicpleb, Bobby666

Reason for request: Well its known issue that my base cousing tps drop couse of amount of carpenter blocks and huge me system.I pretty much moved all the stuff into next base so only structures left. Still a big reactor left which can be wiped couse havent used it for a while.

Town members: Bobby666 havent been on for a while but i will reinvite him to my new base when he gets on and he wasnt involved in building base ether becouse he joined late so no worries about that. 

Cords gets edited in after i join the server again.

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Regen'ing has begun.

Thank you for understanding, I know you put alot of work in your base and it must suck to see it all go. I hope your new base will be equally as beautiful!


Town regen'd, the town still needs to be removed, you can do this yourself @Toxicpleb by doing /town select ImWatchingYou & /town leave delete. Otherwise it will be done for you when an admin sees it :-)

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