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[REFUND REQUEST] ClassyBulbasaur

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Account Name: ClassyBulbasaur


  • Key of the Kings Law
  • Ring of Loki
  • Ring Of Odin
  • Ring Of Thor
  • The fruit Of Grisaia
  • Terrasteel Sword
  • Full set of elementium armour
  • kikoku
  • Globetrotters sash
  • 3 golden laurel crowns
  • upgraded band of aura
  • upgraded band of mana
  • 6 thorn chakrams
  • wand of the forest
  • Level B TerraShatterer
  • Bauble Case
  • Angel Ring

And thats all i could remember. the problem i am seeing is taht the Gaia 2 stuff like the rings and the key are a once per player items.

Time/date: 10-11PM 5/5/17


Description of Issue: Alright, so about last night i was testing some RFtools teleporters, and (luckily enough) i accidentally screen-caped me doing so. when i was going to TP to my receiver, i dialed the wrong one. so i was transported to a unpowered RFtools dimension, and died almost immediately. and i wsaw my grave as i did. there were no staff on at the time, so i waited until today. and asked Derp if he could help me with the problem. so i tped back to the dimension able to survive, but my grave was gone. i asked Derp what to do and he said to make a refund request, so here i am now. this is my last option. in the pic included, it only shows my hot bar at the time.


Well, i just realized i put this on the wrong server topic... if anybody could move it to direwolf20 Technical, that would be a big help.

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