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IM not a lier its everything true (Rounded)

2000 awakened drconium 

250 Blocks Of Awakened Draconium

500000 Blocks of (Iron/Redstone/Gold/Diamond/cole/lapis)(had much more than that got just did 500k)

100000 Blocks of Draconium (also)

500000 fluix crystal (had mcuh more than that)

400000 Sky Stone (had automated farm of that)(he destroyed it)(hetook it with him)

200000 Charged Certus Quartz Crystal

20 Me Drives

200 ME 16834 Storage

Thank You So Much If You Give Me All Of Those Items What Was Impotent For Me


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Brunyman won't be refunding you, he already has alot of work on his hand and I don't want to burden him any further
please shorten the link of the large items, anything above 20,000 will take alot of time for me to refund

Edit: @ggGamer13330 please follow this template and provide proof of you having these items 

Topic Closed!
Player made new topic here 


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