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Item name + Item ID (Item ID optional, but very helpful!): 20000 Block Of Iron 42,20000 Block of Diamond 57, 200 Awakened Draconium Block 1292, 2000 Awakened Draconium Ingot 4776 , 20000 Draconium Blocks 1283:2 , 10000 Draconium Core 4757 , 100 Wyvern Core 4758 , 50 Awakened Core 4759 , 10000 Fluix Crystal 4130:7 , 10000 Sky Stone 181 , 200 ME 16384k Storage 5036:3 , 40 ME Drive 196
Time/Date (Time/Date when "WHAT" happened): 12.2.17 
Description of Issue: i need my items back i got it stolen from TheZockerLP2016
Evidence (Optional, but highly recommended!): Bla

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Please post evidence of you having these itmes, you have provided a list of alot of items and I can't proceed to refund you without it

Refund Denied. 
Next time please don't lie about the items you had and don't list them unless you were 100% certain you had them before.

This is the stuff we found from Zocker's new base

[] [Staff Chat] Timur: zocker hame 5000+ iron blocks
[] [Staff Chat] Timur: 51k diam,ond blocks
[] [Staff Chat] Timur: 256 awac drac blocks
[] [Staff Chat] Timur: 0 awac ingots
[] [Staff Chat] Timur: 1432 drac blocks
[] [Staff Chat] Timur: 0 drac cores
[] [Staff Chat] Timur: 52 wywern cores
[] [Staff Chat] Timur: 80 awak cores
[] [Staff Chat] Timur: 1 fuix crystal
[] [Staff Chat] Timur: 0 sky stone
[] [Staff Chat] Timur: 0 16384k drives
[] [Staff Chat] Timur: 0 ME drives
[] [Staff Chat] Timur: 12 16843 cells

Topic Closed!

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