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[Refund Request] My grave disappeared


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Account Name: eezstreet_

Time/Date: May 19 @ 5PM eastern time

Item Name:

  • Fully Charged Division Sigil
  • Energetic Jetpack
  • Goggles of Revealing
  • Wireless Terminal
  • a 200-stack of bolts: manyullum tip, enchanted wood shaft, leaf flight. Fully upgraded (no extensions) with 1 moss and rest quartz
  • Enderium Crossbow: Enderium crossbar, paper body, flame string. Fully upgraded (all extensions) with capacitor and rest redstone
  • Manyullum Hammer: Manyullum plate, manyullum hammer head, paper tool binding, wooden tool rod. Fully upgraded (all extensions) with full luck (as high as it will go), a capacitor, the rest redstone
  • Steel Pickaxe: Steel head, wooden tool rod, paper tool binding. Fully upgraded (up to Nether Star) with moss, silk touch, and the rest being redstone
  • Shiny Excavator: Shiny excavator head, shiny plate, wooden tool, paper binding. only upgraded with 1 piece of moss
  • 64 pieces of redstone
  • golden lasso
  • golden bag of holding
  • 5 buckets
  • 64 gold ingots

Description of issue:

- I performed the division ritual to charge the division sigil and died almost immediately after it got charged. I tried to get to my body twice after that with the /back command but I died both times without reaching my grave. I asked for help, and John_Doe (ingame name) helped me clear out the cursed earth and mobs, however my first original grave was not there when we got there, maybe a creeper blew it up or something


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