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Refund Request- Grave stone never appeared


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So at 2 o'clock PST the server was having some lag issues. While I was trying to fix my powered spawners i died at 2:16. I was then unable to even get over to where this happened as the server kept kicking me out saying timed out. There was then a server restart and after checking my death point there was no gravestone to be found. I lost everything but the golden bag of holding I put reincarnation on. If there is anything I can do to help this situation or if I am just f***ed let me know. Thanks for reading.


Full quantum set

Item dislocator

thaumium caped silverwood wand with portable black hole focus

sanguine helmet

4 enderium gears 

64 enderium base

I can't remember anything else after that. Thanks for the quick response :]

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