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[Rollback Request] Sventb


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Account Name: Sventb

Town name: / Character name : Panda

Coordinates: circa x: 186, z: -259, y: 63 (4)

Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: [dd.mm.yyyy] 22.05.2017 22:15 UTC+2 /CEST

Description of Issue: I clicked with my staff of power in 7x7x7 mode and removed a big part of my me autocrafting and storage system and some items despawned cause of lag clear. So its nealy impossible for me to set it in the right way up again. The items i picked up are in chests at town infront of the rest of the me-system.

Screenshots: fb088e0e63ec6c9858ca784ec16420a2.png

I am glad if i get the roleback.

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