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RIP Thaumcraft v1.10


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So...  our future new server, Direwolf20 v1.10.2, does NOT have Thaumcraft mod. And possibly it will never be added.
As Azanor posted in his Patreon page (LINK)

Azanor (Thaumcraft mod author)

It is with a heavy heart that I need to let you guys know that I will be shutting down this Patreon soon. I have already paused it so no one will be charged for the next billing cycle. I will be keeping the dropbox folder open so the Master tier patrons will retain their access.

Between work and family I have been unable to work on Thaumcraft even a fraction as much as I have been able to in the past. I have recently decided to continue my studies after-hours which means what little time I had left will disappear for the next couple of years. The studies will be mostly to further my career, but the good news is that I am going to sneak in some gaming related courses in there. I am hoping to return to modding eventually, or maybe even publish a game of my own.

I will continue to maintain Baubles – it is small enough that keeping it running doesn’t occupy much time. Thaumcraft is a different beast however. I will try and work on TC 6 whenever I get the chance, but I cannot promise when it will be done or even if it ever will be done.

Sorry guys.

RIP Thaumcraft... :(


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