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[Mod] Mr Crayfish Furniture mod


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Today i saw that Beefbear had nice decocraft furniture that wasnt really efficient...

i cant believe such a nice modpack doesnt have Mr.Crayfish furniture mod....

If you can pls add Mr.Crayfish mod it will help make people add a new touch to their island here is a list of what it can add (some things may not be there for 1.7.10; Also note they were min 2 max 5 things that made you crash, i dont remember but if u do add ppl will ofc make and crash meaning u can ban it later. i can put download link and directions on how to add this mod client side.)


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Sorry, but we CAN NOT add mods into modpack, because people use this modpack as it is, from official lanucher.
Adding extra mods will make it imposible to join a server, and some people just don`t know how to add mods. Even with instructions,


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