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[Refund Request] Chest bugged


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Account Name: Toddishere

Missing alot of items i have just standard double chest and half my invo from each is gone. The main things was in my chest that contains all my crafting materials

4 stacks of tin, lead, electrum,invar, silver, 

2 stacks of gold

6 stacks of enderpearls

6 MV capacitors 

1 stack of MV wire

6 mv connectors

1 compressor

1 alloy furnace 

and 1 endertank (I didnt make i traded 1k to someone for it a couple days ago)

Time/date[time/date when "WHAT" happened]: ~4:30pm CST 6/22/2017


Description of Issue: was just told by a helper when i put in a ds ticket that its c ommon glitch and to post on forums


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