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SkriiLexx_PvP (OsitoKawaii) flying + spawn HB


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Network Server (Ac v1, Factions, etc.) : Ac v1


In-Game Nickname : XxOblivion


Nickname of the one you are complaining about : SkriiLexx_PvP


Description of the situation : SkriiLexx_PvP (also known as OsitoKawaii) was flying earlier today. A little while after that, (s)he used a hiddenblade on me in spawn. 


Screenshots/Video Proof (Required) : I have a clear screenshot of the flying and a not-so-clear screenshot of the HB (given that I was blinded > . <)


Players that can confirm your situation (If applicable) : See the screenshots for proof
(The flying one is pretty evident proof. (S)he was just up in the sky over there, looking around. Notice that their legs aren't in a running position. (S)he was just flying there, only moving their head. The HB screenshot isn't quite clear, so I wouldn't expect that to work as sufficient evidence, but I added it anyways. When (s)he HB'd me in spawn, they switched to a sword and ran away.)



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Before the flying, they flew up and attacked me on a roof. Mind that their rank is VIP (Just like mine), meaning they don't have access to /fly. As grappling hooks don't allow you to stay in mid-air without moving, this was quite obviously against the rules, I'd say.

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Hi, about the flying complaint, he's not flying, it's a bug that sometimes happnen with the assassination plugin or something like that, the anticheat works great, at least on Ac v1. 

And the hb, I can't see him using it at you, so if you have any other screenshot, send it please.

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