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Ban Evade.


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Network Server (Ac v1, Factions, etc.) : ctw


In-Game Nickname : MrFredy_KsC


Nickname of the one you are complaining about : zRxge_


Description of the situation : ban evade


Screenshots/Video Proof (Required) :  

He was also spawnkilling me before and i didnt say nothing to him, so he forced me to kill him on several occasions,

and what about ban evading for the 6th time? all this accounts are owned by Ale 

He got the time to insult me because i didnt give him my another sponsor acc https://prnt.sc/fplwtq 

Also in this reply confirms he is MrAle.

Players that can confirm your situation (If applicable) : Pls dont ignore this post.

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FIrst of all u started with all this i dont have the guild when i told you the "bug" u were abusing it, Also since I told you I do not use it, I'm not going to tell you that I dont use it because I used it but in the time, and all the iron i have in ac is cuz some friend gived them to me, also all your accounts were banned for the same reason like "bug abuse" and "ban evade", you started to cry because i didnt gived you my another sponsor acc u cried me on facebook and on the server since i reported you for bug abuse, It's not my fault that you always use it, also whats the matter if i reported you, you can wait the 2 days duration of the ban and u decided to evade the ban creating more accounts.

For finish this post i dont care anymore if you got banned or no, i only want that you stop fucking me and stop abusing bugs.




Para empezar tu fuiste el que empezo primero con todo esto yo no tengo la culpa de que yo al decirte el "bug" tu lo abuses, ademas desde que te lo dije no lo uso, no te voy a decir que no lo uso porque si lo use pero en su momento, y todo el hierro que tengo en ac fue porque me lo regalo un amigo no por el bug, ademas todas tus cuentas estan ban por lo mismo de bug abuse o ban evade, y tu fuiste el primero que vino llorando porque ya no te volvi a prestar mi otra cuenta sponsor y me llorabas por el server y facebook hasta que te reporte por abusar del bug yo no tengo la culpa de que tu lo uses siempre, yo se seguir las reglas y al parecer tu no, ademas que tiene de malo si te reporte o no tu puedes esperar los 2 dias que son de ban y tu decidiste evadir el ban usando mas cuentas.

Total ya no me importa si te banean o no yo lo unico que quiero es que dejes de joderme y abusar del bug.


Can someone close this topic?

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