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[Refund Request]


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Account Name: Derp


Item name + item ID

Molecular Assembler: 457
ME chest: 443
ME Interface x2: 444
ME Storage Bus: 4363:220
Powered Spawner: 1741
Autonomous Activator x7: 2668:2
Mfr Grinder: 1671:13
Ender Fluid Conduit x3: 5737:2
Drum x2: 1833
Auto-Spawner: 1672:9
Stabilized Mob Spawner: 1644
Emeralds x60: 388
Item Conduit x44: 5738
Beealyzer: 4958
Transfer Node (Items) x30: 1817
Transfer Pipe x70: 1819
Energy Acceptors x2: 448
ME Glass Cable x17: 4363:16
Safari net [Pink Slime]
Logic Processor x25: 4362:22
Transfer Node (Energy) x5: 1817:12
Transfer Node (Hyper Energy): 1817:13
Enderium Ingots x64: 5141:76
Machine Frame (Resonant) x3: 2678:3

Wireless Terminal: 4342
Resonant Jetpack: 7059:4
Kikoku [Reaper 5, Sharpness 5, Looting 3]: 5803

Time/date: Around 14 GMT+1


Description of Issue: The server crashed, when he was breaking his grave and the items were gone.




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