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Ender Quarry vanished in thin air


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I've finally been able to craft an Ender Quarry again, and placed it within town borders. Set up markers and an upgrade plus a tesseract to handle power and items.

Then I hooked up the receiving end in the base,- and went back to check if everything was ok. It was NOT. The Ender quarry had vanished in thin air.

It's not possible for other players to enter base, so it's not stolen. I have noticed similar bugs earlier, Imperatus was there to witness. Kaliber has experienced the same earlier. Item placed vanishes.

So,- could I please be reimbursed an Ender quarry? Took me more than a day to just craft, let alone all the preparations for it. I have the upgrades and tesseract as they stayed (by some mysterious reason)





I play on Infinity Evolved

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