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I need help! Weird problem.


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Hello! Today I opened a chance cube and it asked what year Minecraft was released. I answered wrong and it was supposed to kill me. The odd thing, Im not dead. Im stuck at 0 hearts, my camera is sideways, and I cant open any GUI's. I have the last stand enchant, so im not sure if that has something to do with it. I also tried /suicide. Im still "Alive" I have alot of good things in my inventory so I would like it if I can keep those things.


EDIT: So I got most the things out of my inventory that I could. Im fine with you guys deleting my player.dat file, just as long as I get a full set of Zivicio Armour with prot 3 on them, a silk touch book, and a wyvren flux capacitor. Those are the things I cant get. Thanks!

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