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[Refund Request] Milogo

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Account name : milogo

Item name : full zivico armour , iron cap wand , thaumometer , thaumonomicon , diamond pickaxe , division sigil

description : i had a crash when i was in the deep dark and when i come again i spawn under the beckrock and loose my stuff



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That is usual problem for Deep Dark.
Please don`t use DD portal when you in DD, because it tryes to teleport you in Overworld. And since Overworld is Spawn, it teleports you back in DD, under Bedrock.

Use "/Is h" or "/home" to leave DD.

Items refunded in chest on your island. T/C

P.S. Not sure is it doubleposting, or he lost same stuff once again, but i searched his whole island, and his inventory, and didn`t find any armor, wands or thaumic stuff. So i refunded him. @milogo If you was double refunded, please inform about that any staff member online, and give items to him. Or destroy them in front of staff member.

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