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[Refund Request] Despawned Ender Quarry


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Account Name: Jacobb303

Ender Quarry 1828

Around 9:45pm 7/27/2017


Description of Issue: I went to spawn in order to use the random location sign so I could set up my Ender Quarry, but as right clicked the sign with the Ender Quarry in my hand it was placed down in spawn and I was greeted with a message that said "You don't have permission for this area". After I realized that the item was taken from my inventory, I i clicked on it again thinking that it would be added back to my inventory, but it just de-spawned and I was not given back the item.

Evidence (optional, but recommended): I don't know if this is helpful, but I attached a picture of me holding the rest of the items needed to set up the Ender Quarry, (Tesseract, Ender-Makers, Shield Projecter, and shield templates), while at the location of the incident, as well as a picture of the setup that the Ender Quarry is attached to. X18tJQp.pnge7HoM4W.png


Thanks for your help :D


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