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Want to be HELPER (kizito7w7R_YT)


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1. Personal Information
-Name: Santiago
-Age / Sex: 14 years and male
-Minecraft username: Kizito7w7R_YT
-Skype username: Kizito-r
-Do you have a microphone ?: yhea im use mobile
-Playtime hours per day: 10 hours in Crafterlands
-Do you think you can meet our requirements ?: yhea
-Can you understand and make yourself clear in English ?: yes
-Country + Time Zone: Argentina UTC-3
2. Staff Knowledge

-What could you offer us as a Helper ?: could help people report people for breaching the rules, could answer questions about rules and regulations, prevent people from enforcing rules and rules, etc.
-Have you had any past experience ?: as an assistant, none, but I had an experience because I want to be a helper, staffs stealing things ..
-What do you value in a good Staff Member ?: because that person is worth a lot and that continues like this, since you do not see many people like that on the server
-Two players are fighting in global chat, using excessive caps and vulgar language, what do you do ?: I would tell them to stop by chat using a msg, and if they ignore me I will give them a warning for offensive language.

3. Motivation

-Why do you wish to join the Craftersland Staff ?: In order to prevent people from breaking the rules of the server, I've been on the server for two years, and I've been through many things, mainly because there are helpers and Mods, One and could help to discover perfectly who is
-What are your expectations from us ?: since you have to evaluate the server, I think very well of some people who are part of the staff, but others breach rules hidden
Crafterlands in my opinion is one of the best minecraft servers ever, because of the effort in the creators server to keep the server standing with a good host

4. Minecraft Experience

When did you start playing Minecraft ?: 2 years even if it's all about minecraft.
Do you have premium or cracked account ?: I have a premium account
When did you start playing on Craftersland ?: 1 year and a half
Have you ever been banned ?: No, but I was banished

5. Other relevant information

This is your chance to impress us. Write about yourself, your dedication to Minecraft or anything you find relevant for us to know.

Atte : Kizito7w7R_YT (Please accept me, you will not regret it)

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