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[DW 1.7] Inventory Rollback

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blairwitch09 Player Rollback

Cooridnates : X:1013 Z:-10189 Y:103 TwiLight

Date: July 25/26

Time : Please rollback to 11:45 PM EDT On Tuesday -- 12:01 AM Wensday 

Pleas rollback to 11:50 PM EDT   time on Tuesday 

I was In The Twilight Fight The LIch. I end Up Dying AND I DO /back to get my stuff. i break my grave and everything disapperes.

You Are all porbably tierd of seeing this but the rollback hasent happend to the right time. I am sorry to bother its just that i dont want to see alot of my hard work wasted. Sorry for the invoncenice But Please Help 

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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