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Team trolling in CTW


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Network Server (Ac v1, Factions, etc.) : CTW


In-Game Nickname : eZWALT


Nickname of the one you are complaining about : Mainblast

Description of the situation : i dont know if it was an accident but mainblast was putting lavas in the floor and doing strange traps in the spawn . He burned me and killed a mate ( sorry i dont have the screen of the guy who died) 


Screenshots/Video Proof (Required) : http://imgur.com/gallery/IlsBh


Players that can confirm your situation (If applicable) :

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1 hour ago, Main said:

Well, when im bored, I do strange things, but I did not burn any one.

And I did not troll anyone.

(And even if I burned you, it was an accident, I didn`t want to hurt anyone.)

Aah okay then. :P

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