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Toddishere [Refund Request]


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Account Name: Toddishere

Item name + item ID (item ID optional, but very helpful):

7 Ultimate Hybrid Solar Panels

30 BC factory Lasers


30 thermalily- 8 of those the floating ones

4 ender tanks

pink mana pool and full mana tab 

runic alter 

2 resonant energy cells 

also some machines i cant remember but i can remake

and a chest full of ingots i dont remember exactly what all i had but i had a a few stacks of everything and some misc main thing was my 2+ stacks of enderium i had cooked up had ill go in the low end and say at least 3 stacks of IRON,Tin,Invar,electrum,copper,bronze etc. but had 4 stacks of enderium and my chest full of all the stuff i was about to start making my wyvern armor out of i had all organized 

Time/date[time/date when "WHAT" happened]: past few days bunch of stuff missing i have no idea had my perms set idk where my stuff went


Description of Issue: Logged in after a few days have a bunch of stuff missing 

Evidence (optional, but recommended):




hard to prove i understand but still annoying 


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