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[Suggestion]Some of my suggest for reduce lagging on server

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As you know the server now has becoming FTB Infinity Inaccessible, continously restarting, suddenly TPS drop and the worst nightmare: word/personal/passive anchor disappeared (that's mean goodbye RFTool Dimensions, Deep Dark Mining, Nether Mining and fas base mining). All of them comes from constant lagging, and I have some suggest to solve this situation


As you know, IE is the hardcore mods, in previous time the creative can be acceptable because no ftb mods combine with Draconic Evolution. However now we have FTB DW runs on MC 1.10, I think this is the time to remove creative rank of all players in IE. The reason is some players use creative mods to make super duper omega gammar zenta blablabla lag (such as a "forest" of draconic spawners) that cause super lag for server and also drop tps for anyone unluckily spawned or teleported or just move to near their base


This include additional chunks from donation, invite another players to town or purchase extra chunks in webshops. Because the more chunks we have, the more lag may occur when we use chunk loader blocks


As mentioned in this topic, when someone walking in RFTool dimensions the lag begin. Moreover some dimensions are freaking lag, so the ban of RFTool dimensions may neccessary. This lead to serious problems for player to reach end-game items, the solution is another mining server that working independently with the main server. To enter this server, players must pay 1 ender quarry to make sure they don't use money from buying to become so OP at very early stage and ruins the economics. Then players have to pay by using in-game money to get tickets (for example 20000$ per each), each ticket alloy players to stay 1h in the server. Each player will receive 1 Ender Quarry with silk touch and speed I upgrade, 1 ender chest for them. At this server spawn will have the "Ore chest" like vote key chest in vanila server to transform keys from hub to different servers; also in this spawn will have many of signs teleport to many of area that contain many of ores (gold, diamonds, iron, draconic...) for easier to mine. 


This things included:

- Reduce the mining area of Wynvern/Draconic Pickaxe/Shovel/Staff of power to 5x5x5 in max to prevent lag

- Reduce the mining efficient of Wynvern/Draconic Pickaxe/Shovel/Staff of power to less than 50% (maybe 25%), with 100% it can mine any blocks with 1 clicks and thus cause super lag

- Ban the use of Notch Apple (enchanted golden apple) and draconic core to draconic mob spawner, and if the server continue to lag, ban the use of wyvern core too. At tier 2 and tier 3 these spawners can cover a chunk with mobs on less than 1 minute, the use of Notch apple to ignore the present of players make the situation worse. Staff should patrol from towns to towns to check if anyone bypass the rule because we cannot ban this, at the first time warn player + return the mob spawner and soul in the chest, the second time remove the mob spawner and jail 15 minutes, the third time ban 30 minutes and remove completely the spawner, the fourth time ban 1 day and perm ban this player from Draconic Evolution.


If somebody throw a lot of items to the ground, the server will begin to lag. There is nothing to says if this is some accident but if someone try to do it to troll server, this guys must suffered from banning.

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