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Town Permissions Issue


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Hey, so i'm having a very specific issue. I cant (shift) right-click with magic items. So trying to open chests while holding greatwood/silverwood, sometimes while trying to place magic items, interacting with any container/multiblock with an inventory while holding a magic-related item for the most part, I get the error shown that this player is the owner. They live in the pink area on the minimap, i live in the red area. Until 10mins ago, i only owned the chunk in the center, but i just bought the chunks surrounding it to attempt to remedy this problem myself. It was actually a surprise, because until yesterday, attempting to buy the chunks in the N, W, and S directions would be too close to their town. 

I don't usually mind this issue/bug, but today I'm trying to make a fire wand focus for thaumcraft in the botania alter as shown, but I can't get the mana lens: kindle on the altar because of this bug. I really would like to not have to move, and i'd never want to force the other player to move or shrink their borders. Is there a solution for this?

Thank you for your time!


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