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[Rollback Request] Chests Inventory & Town


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Account Name: xRandomGuy

Town name: RandomWorld
Character name: xRandomGuy

Coordinates: 1654 73 3986

Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: Today, 1 hour ago

Description of Issue: I'm not too sure what happened but two halves of two of my different double-chests  for minerals and minerals blocks completely wiped. After looking around I realised my town is now gone too and probably has something to do with that. One of the server judges (DragonLady) said it might have something to do with my smeltery being in the same chunk as the chests. At first I thought I knew what I lost exactly and was about to create a refund request but then I realised it was much more than that. What I do remember for sure is 4 stacks of gold (minus 2-5 blocks) and around 10-11 stacks of redstone blocks as well as a stack of copper ingots. I would much rather a rollback though, as I am sure I lost more than that and just can't remember now. Please help me out with this one as I won't be playing until a response is done (to avoid interrupting and having work I do now rollbacked, not out of rage).

UPDATE: Imperatus (admin) tried to help me in-game and we realised the town does still exist but my account must be somehow corrupted because i can access all my chests and do everything but I cannot use town commands such as /mytown spawn (returns unknown error), etc. Also, I removed the smeltery for now and put it in a chest. Also left a sign where the smeltery used to be in case you'll need that as a reference.

2nd UPDATE: My account seems to be fixed now. All mytown related commands work again. I don't know what fixed it, I just logged in again now and it seems to be working. I just need the rollback for my lost items now (mainly 4 stacks of gold blocks, 10 stacks of redstone, a stack of copper and a stack of draconium ingots [probably a lot more but I'll never remember all of it]). A refund could do as well. I'd lose all the ingots I forgot I even had but the fact that I don't remember them means to me that I wasn't really using them so I'm fine with that.

*Screenshots: ( Not necessary but helpful. )

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