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Griefer in Pure Survival


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In the 3rd of september (2017), the griefer in question "Umut07" (his in game nickname that is), entered my "clan's" (basileus ton romanoi) home base.

He was equipped in full enchanted diamond armour and without provocation proceded to:

- kill repeatdly me (Steve07) and my fellow clan member (fightermadness); steal all our items that we stored in chests; destroyd our "base"

-he also used "land protection" blocks, to stop me and my fellow faction members from reaccesing our items/rebuild our base

-Generally making our base unusable for us.


I consider this griefing, wich, acording to the community rules (



Is not allowd. (considring the destruction of my clan's in game work)

I belive a punission should be in place.


Edit:Had some issues in getting the pictures to apperar, so I guess I will just link them:




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