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Reporting a trap involving TheHighTechGamer


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In-Game Nickname:  TheHighTechGamer
Time and Date: Today, 1 hour before this post, sort of. 
Description of what happened: 

I'll try to be very complete. 

MrSoloHD was a new player. He logged in, I went to his island to help, so did TheHighTechGamer. For a moment we helped him on his island before he went to live with TheHighTechGamer (this all went fast, like in 15 minutes.) I tp'd to MrSoloHD to check up on him and came to TheHighTechGamer's island. 

Now, mind you, I'm not a good player, I don't know the mods well. I have a farm and a mob spawner. That's about it. 

I was flying around and I see TheHighTechGamer around some sort of a disco ball (well it's not that, but it looked like the start of a party.) So I flew towards him, but suddenly I couldn't fly anymore. And I was stuck in this square area where he was as well, fighting.

He was wearing good armor. I wasn't. So I died. 

I tried to /b as fast as possible, but he was already picking up my items before he had killed the things that kept on attacking me all the time, killing me over and over. 

Once he had defeated all these monsters that spawned, he tossed back some items, but my two best items were missing - Angel Wings and an Advanced Watering Can. 

Could these things have despawned? Possibly. But it's just weird that my two best items were missing, not to mention the fact that he SET the trap. He will deny this, of course. But he has proven a few times that he does not mind disrespect towards admins, mods or other players. He will say that he gave me a gift too (some wand that is more likely to kill me than help me, but fine, it was a gift, which he says was a token of his good-will.) 

SoullessSushi checked his inventory, but that seemed to be clear and not have my items. She checked this about 20 minutes after it happened. 

MrSoloHD checked chests for the angel ring (since he wanted one too), but did not find that in a chest either.

Only option left would be that he put it in a golden bag, I've been told. Sushi can't check that. Or indeed, it despawned, but that seems unlikely since I would have seen it lying around when he broke the gravestones. 

Screenshots or Proof: (Use www.imgur.com)

In the heat of the moment I didn't make any. Stupid in hindsight, I know. 

List of eyewitnesses: (They should also make a post below)

MrSoloHD was around, though not very close to see me dying and such.

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