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Can someone please explain my ban??


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Goodday, you accepted creative items from the player DR_Aven, I have screenshots of him literally building that reactor for you. 

I also broke the " creative " Steve's cart you had down in your quarry. Are you going to argue that you also FARMED for that one? - Aswell as your tools. 



[4] No sale/gifting creative/illegitimate items to members outside of your town:

  • 1st offense = 2 days ban of both parties involved.
  • 2nd offense = 7 days ban.
  • 3rd offense = 14 days ban.

Creative Players who leave a town must take with them or destroy all creatively spawned items.  Non-Creative Players who leave any town are to leave empty handed. Non-Creative Players and Creative Players who are part of a Creative town are to live in only one town or only in Creative towns. Players who are part of a Creative town are not allowed to sell/trade items.


This is why you were banned. The ban is for both parties invovled, both you and Dr_aven, aswell as others he " helped ". Your unban appeal is denied, as I have all the proof of this and there is not a doubt in my mind- Also... next time try not to insult the staff member in question when asking for an unban :-) Just a tip mate. 



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