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UNBAN - unfair ban


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[1] In-Game Username: RigCrack and AngoPala

[2] Details of Situation: We were banned for supposedly filling the house of shichibukai but in the evidence it is seen that we are only there walking.

[3] Ban Category: -griefing ps-

[4] Ban Duration: 10 days

[5] Staff Member: fire_light

[6] ScreenShots: I do not have the photos but the ones that I publish them must have and in which AngoPala and RigCrack only.

[7] Your Reason: Hello, I would like to communicate with Fire_Light to tell me that AngoPala and I RigCrack were banned by him for 10 days for griefing ps because we supposedly branded the shichibukai house, but in the photos that he shows only we are in his house a moment by the livemap, we did not place lava only we were there for the clan, after he and I went to do something else and we separated of the rest, basically we did not griefiamos nothing only we were walking there, Please, I ask you to untie us.
I am looking forward to your response :)
RigCrack and AngoPala.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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