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[1] User name in game:


[2] Details of the situation:

Banned on: 2017-10-12

[3] Ban Category:

Duped Items

[4] Duration of the ban:

4 days, 19 hours, 23 minutes

[5] Staff member:


[6] ScreenShots:

tell me error uploading photo

[7] Your reason:

ban because I use things cheated in pure, but they invited me and I did not know because I am new. I did not know the server rules I do not know if I'm sorry for this time I always connect to play on the server because it's my favorite server and I do not want to stop playing


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I already reduced your ban because I knew that greeny and you were new at PS.

Hmmm but you know what? I'll reduce both of you the ban to 2 days. 

Next time remember to use english and the template.

Ban reduced, T/C.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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