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[Refund Request]Superkillking12

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Your Name: Superkillking12
Item Name + Amount: 

13 Silver ore

42 Iron Ore

29 Redstone

32 Aluminum Ingot

1 /dank/null/ MK1

16 Oak Wood Slab

10 Black Quartz Ore

10 Gold Ore

1 Block Of Quartz

5 Copper Ore

13 Draconium Dust

15 Resonating Ore

24 Alveary

6 Diamond

4 Iron Ingots

40 Nether Quartz

19 Lead Ore

1 Bucket

11 Aluminum Ore

Hammer Head Clay Cast

64 Redstone

35 Demon Ingot

50 Lapis Lazuli

1 Large Plate

1 Flint and Steel

1 Iron Axe

37 Clay

21 Coleslaw Burgers

3 Nickel Ore

1 Tough Tool Rod Cast


Coordinates (format x, y, z): unknown(Refer to Description.)
Coordinates of Death Tablet placed in a chest: x=1258 z=1174 y=65 (4)
Description of Issue: Was dead when i logged on. Had a death note though. Coordinates of death note say death is near my claim. Coordinates of death from journeymap shows that i died in spawn.
Screenshots (Optional): None Available.

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