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Camping in Spawn (Acv1)


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Network Server (Ac v1, Factions, etc.) : Acv1


In-Game Nickname : Jiimmy_04


Nickname of the one you are complaining about : 1. Richi09  2. iMccGames  3. zWolfieL


Description of the situation : Camping in Spawn (everyone)


Screenshots/Video Proof (Required)https://imgur.com/a/rznf6


Players that can confirm your situation (If applicable) :

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58 minutes ago, RIP 7w7 said:

So you are provoking us to stay and try to kill you, you only want to farm forum points and stuff. You were searching for a place to report & provoke people. Camping = Staying at the doors and killing everyone, but i didn't kill everyone, i tried to kill you. Learn 2 report


Ok so i'm provoking you by staying in spawn right? GJ man 

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1 hour ago, RIP 7w7 said:

1. I didn't camp. Because i just tried to kill you.

2. You came at me, then you ran into the spawn, and made photos. Learn 2 report m8 ;)))

3. "Camping (everyone)" and reports 3 people. Seems legit xDDDD

4. "Camping (everyone)" (x2) means that EVERY user connected on Ac v1 on that moment camped, but i didn't see "all"

5. Learn what's camping and what's not. 



"Camping everyone" means everyone I wrote in the report. LoL. I wrote "everyone" so the staffs don't get confused, so they would know that the 3 names I wrote were camping lol

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