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  1. People who doesn't know why I'm no longer staff should visit the "about me" section. (except staff)



  3. Mainblast

    Report - CTW

    User punished, thanks for reporting. T/C.
  4. Mainblast

    Hey (Spamming)

    I don't see anyone insulting each other, the rule for this is Swearing, spamming, caps, flood, and etc, but not this... If you actually want to report someone that is really disturbing you, it must be for swearing, spammin'... etc. I won't punish anybody because I don't see the reason. T/C.
  5. Nice new profile picture! 👌

    1. Mainblast


      it looks dope, thanks

  6. Happy birthday! 🎉 hope you have a great day 😁

    1. Mainblast


      Thanks dude :P

  7. Mainblast

    [Command Request] i_Slendy_i (Hiipo Plots)

    This command is only for staff, sponsors can't use it.
  8. Mainblast

    _ImByCraftzz (epivman800) dupped items

    You need to show us proofs, and use english on the forums. T/C.
  9. Mainblast

    Suggestion - Daily Quests [ACv1]

    Post created: February 24 New post: January 3 Don't necropost. T/C.
  10. Mainblast

    [CTW] Dealing with strength pots

    Don't bump old topics, this has been ignored for a while now (1 month) as most of them... T/C.
  11. I'm currently thinking about continuing being staff here. I will be online in Discord and will be back when I feel I can come back.

  12. what is that castle supposed to be and why are there horses on the background is this from a stolen game copyright omg !11 ban

    1. geri33


      OMG!?! Nooo! It's ours (Kay and me) castle 🤭🔐

    2. Mainblast


      and you have horses on it?

      wow then that's technically my castle too

  13. Mainblast


    That's just a joke, don't take it too serious. Dennyhack1 is impersonating staff so he got banned. T/C.

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