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  1. Bug Armor

    124136 doesn't show the time, so I don't know if he taked it legally. If you have another photo, PM me. 191_Agus_191 banned 2 days, thanks for reporting! Topic closed.
  2. Team Trolling - CTW

    User banned 15 days, I h8 fire. Topic closed.
  3. Team Troll - CTW

    User banned 2 days, thanks for reporting! Topic closed.
  4. Team Trolling |CTW

    User banned 7 days, thanks for reporting! Topic closed.
  5. Rope Dart in Spawn

    As he doesn't answer, I'll close the topic.
  6. Trolling and Insulting in CTW

    Topic closed. @Zawita
  7. https://imgur.com/a/wnMTS

    Úsalo para reportar personas 
    Porfavor ven al server estan haciendo cosas ilegales

    1. PerfectNeo


      In English 


      Use it to report people 
      Please see the server are doing illegal things.

    2. Mainblast


      I can't right now...

  8. Spam CTW

    Right now I can't warn him. impaciente, hay otros staff >:v
  9. Capture The Wool

    Please include proper evidence.
  10. bug abuse armor

    User name is TheKungFuRobber, not TheKungfuRobbert. Please write the name correctly next time, anyways, user banned 2 days, thanks for reporting! las armaduras no hablan :v Topic closed.
  11. Sponsor camping in spawn and enchant per glod acv1

    Use the proper template, otherwise, your post will be ignored:
  12. [unban] medi26

    So @Pinecoeu sended me a photo of you doing HB in spawn, I banned you and you joined to CTW with premium (I don't know if you were in no premium in ACv1), that's still considered ban evading. Also like Zawita said, if you're banned from our Network servers, you're banned from all of them. Edit: I changed my opinion, since you didn't know about the ban evade thing, your ban will stay for 2d (-3d of the ban evade) Unban reduced.
  13. Report

    User banned 2 days, thanks for reporting! Topic closed.
  14. Report CTW

    User banned 2 days, thanks for reporting! Topic closed.
  15. Ban Evading

    Ip's match, user banned 5 days, thanks for reporting. Topic closed.

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