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Hello!, i am DevilsRedemption.


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Hello Crafters, 


My name is Tim (23).

Born in the netherlands, and have dylexia, sorry about the writeing :(.

I only play minecraft for the fun, to learn thing's about mod packs.

I'm not interested to be your boyfriend, girlfriend or gold fish.


Playing on Skyfactory 2.5

Don't know a thing about it, and still learning every day about it.

Just playing a few days now, and helped a lot by players, and staff people.

I want to thank Dragonlady, Lancelot and RandomNukes as staff members, they take every day some time for me to help me learn the modpack and how to build.

Just started whit Botania, it is big stap forward for me.

Got some items from players, they helped me out like Matt0067, friendly player, build some little expansions for me, and learned me how they work from step 1 to the last.

And i am daily on discord in #Skyfactory2_5, so if you ever see me ask a question there, just remember that i don't know a thing about modpacks.


Greatings from :

The Big Noob




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