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account hacked and stolen, id like it banned so my name isnt run through the dirt


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recently my account matenshi55 was hacked and stolen (9 days ago), the email I used to make has since been deleted and it was an old, unmigrated account. I doubted that i'd ever be able to recover it so I made a new minecraft account. my new name is Dr_Shuham. if possible, all i'd like is for my matenshi55 account to be banned on all of these servers. it sucks having your name taken from you...but it sucks even more knowing the name you've used, the account you've made friends with and such..will more than likely be used by some troll and run through the dirt.

I like this server, it has a good community of players and Ive played a little more than a year on this server on my original account. 

If possible, and I know this is a longshot, but could I also get my towns returned to my new account "Dr_Shuham"

the towns names are GourdhavenIsland and GourdhavenTower. if not, I understand.

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if you look at the logs for content on this site, in the past from this exact account, I asked for a rollback of my town previously for a town called Gourdhaven, which ive since abandoned to start my new little areas GourdhavenIsland and GourdhavenTower.said post was made when I still had my matenshi55 account. that in itself should be proof enough, though I can always sift through and find that bit for ya if you don't want to search for it.

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