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rollback request please help

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please help pls accept my rollback request i dont lie


Account Name: stongion55

Character name : stongion55

Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: 10/03/2018 04:50 turkish time zone

Description of Issue: I was tried to break the broken me drive and drac pickaxe was in 5x5 i didnt see when i try to catch the dropped drives %90 of them disappeared i need rollback

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Denied, you aswell know the reasoning behind this. Just incase you forgot, we will only accept your rollback requests if you have solid proof -witnesses don't count in this matter.

I think I should also say something logical here, rollbacks were meant for issues where there has been a server error causing corruption to your island, not a player made mistake. Brunyman does rollbacks for both cases because he's generous. You took his generosity for granted in your previous rollback request.

Understand your position in this matter, you haven't even made a proper apology topic for what you did. Instead you did quite the opposite of that. Learn on how to control your anger and till the time comes, your rollbacks will be denied unless you provide proof.

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