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Item Refund

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Your Name: gamasia
Item Name + ID + Amount: 

Wand Focus: Equal Trade 4207 x1

Wand Focus: Fire 4203 x1

Wand Focus: Frost 4206 x1

Wand Focus: Shock 4204 x1 

Wand Focus: Excavation 4208 x1

Focus Pouch 4202 x1

Angel Ring 4878 x1

Thaumonomicon 4220 x1

Thaumometer 4221 x1

Goggles of Revealing 4222 x1

Chameleon Sword 5871 x1

Diamond Armor :

311 x1

312 x1

313 x1

Builder´s Wand 4885 x1

x -211 z 16236 y 255
Description of Issue: 

I got to the deep dark and when i wanted back my Minecraft crashed and i died somehow under the deep dark
Screenshots (Optional): 

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