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[Refund Request] TycheMoirae

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Your Name: TycheMoirae
Coordinates (format x, y, z): 53, 56, 23 (The End)
Coordinates of Death Tablet placed in a chest: 832, 787, 64 (Ender chest)
Description of Issue: I forgot to log out at spawn. Someone pushed me into the end portal, killed me, and (presumably) took my grave since it wasn't in a claim. If it's easier, you can just rollback my inventory to today (30 Mar 2018) around 11:50 since that's when I went AFK. I put the list of item at the bottom so if it's easier to roll back, then it's better to read this first since I don't remember the exact composition of my Tinker's Tools and Satchel. P.S. Spawn should be chunkloaded so lava ender tank will be filled.


Item + Amount:

1 Broadsword (Manyullyn Blade, Bone Rod, Netterrack Binding(?); Sharpest, Luck)

1 Pickaxe (Cobalt Head, Bronze Rod, Copper Binding; Luck III, Haste)

1 Drill (Speed I and II, Luck I and II)

1 Phased Field Generator

11 Coleslaw Burger

1 Ender Pouch

1 Illumination Wand

1 Mana Tablet (half filled)

1 Drill Mining Augment I

1 Drill Mining Augment II

1 Material Absorber

64 Wireless Booster

1 Building Wand

1 ME Wireless Access Point

1 Moving Wand

1 Flux Capacitor (Resonant)

1 Satchel (Resonant; I don't even remember what's in it but mostly wrenches and books and some misc.)


1 Pyroclast Pendant

1 Ring of Magnetization

1 Angel Ring (of the leather variety)

1 Soujourner's Sash

1 Wireless Crafting Terminal

1 Manaseer Monocle


Thank you

Screenshots (Optional): 


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