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[Refund Request] EPICfighters


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Your Name: EPICfighters
Item Name + Amount: 

Power Armor Helmet: Energy Shield, Heat Sink, Airtight Seal, Flight Control

Power Armor Chestplate: Energy Shield, Heat Sink, Jetpack, Active CamourFlage, Magnet, Cooling System, Mob Repulsor, Water Tank

Power Armor Leggings: Energy Shield, Heat Sink, Sprint Assist, Jump Assist, Uphill Step Assist

Creative Builders Wand

Resonant Energy Cell

Can't remember what else i had but clearly they were not too important :)
CoordinatesUnknown, was in someones space station
Description of Issue: Teleported to a player, I crashed as soon as I teleported. When i got back on i was in their space station with no oxygen gear at 1 heart, because of this i died and my items despawned :(
Screenshots (Optional): N/A

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