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Sky Factory 3 Refund Request

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Your Name: ItsJustKid
Item Name + ID + Amount: "Energetic Jetpack (ID: 8981:4) x 1"

                                              "Chance Cube (ID: 5177) x 12"
Coordinates: x: 5906 y: 75 z:15105
Description of Issue:  There was an issue with a player using WE to harass me, and I believe he killed me and rolled back the area I died in because I found a gravestone I had already previously broken a long time ago with gear inside of it. I couldn't find my gravestone with my jetpack or chance cubes, but those are all I can remember from what I had at the time. I had some Diamatine gear, but I was able to remake that. I really only care about the jetpack.
Screenshots (Optional): N/A

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