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[Refund Request] Capacitor at it again.


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The Ender (ID: 5770) with Vibrant Crystal Upgrade (ID:5748:6); Vibrant Capacitor Bank (25M ID:1714:3)

7:08 PM PST 2018/4/28

I used the old 5m Capacitor Bank in making a Vibrant Capacitor Bank, put it on my fluxducts to charge and put The Ender in it to charge.  Left and came back to the sword gone and the 25M bugged like before.  Thinking best course is I destroy it and have a new one refunded.  Hopfully then this will cease happening. I put the Capacitor in an otherwise empty chest at X:110 Z:-4891 Y:71, so if the course of action is destroy and replace just clear that chest then refund.


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