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[Item Refund Request]


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Account Name: micw

Lost items:

1x QuantumSuit Helmet 4174:1

1x QuantumSuit Bodyarmor 4175:1

1x QuantumSuit Leggings 4176:1

1x QuantumSuit Boots 4177:1

1x Knapsack 6681

64x block of diamond id: 57

~30x redstone Energy Fluxduct 2553:2

some other stuff like glass/cobblestone, some advanced computer and few more items I can't remember, but that's probably not worth getting it back ^^


10:15 (GMT+1) [time/date when "WHAT" happened]:

I played minecraft for few minutes to check out our quarry in nether. So I went into nether and then used /t spawn to get back to our world. After it loaded I instantly died without know why. So i used the /back command and died again. I don't know where or why I died, nor I have an waypoint of my grave. I basicly lost like 103? levels of experience and all my stuff including those items on the list above. my friend Lyx52, I'm playing together told me that I died inside an unpowered rftools world that got deleted and can't be loaded back.



Description of Issue:

Lost items in deleted rftools world


Thanks in forward for your help. I'm really sorry that this happened!




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